Here we are on the last Friday of the month…WOW, the month of February has been quite a month…I can say, I’m glad to see it go…especially if it takes the threat of more winter weather with it!!

The temps are warm enough that I don’t think we’ll see anything significant around here…just wet and cold.

The security code at work has changed and that has everyone in an uproar. We’ve had several folks fired or leave the firm over the last couple of months, but usually the security code is changed when an attorney leaves the firm…doesn’t necessarily happen with support staff unless there are some really hard feelings…which several of the filings have been rather abrupt…interesting to see how everyone’s mind works.

I’ve managed to keep my manic panic of being “the one” to get fired under control. Back when the co-worker from Hell was pushing me so hard in so many directions, I developed quite a paranoia. Now, I have random panic attacks…and they’re far less disabling. Interesting how one manages to cope with adversity…I really have been working hard to keep my mouth shut and not be critical of my co-workers. Though, I will always keep the co-worker from Hell at arm’s length.

Seems the so-called President’s Health Summit is pretty much a big farce. The break-down of actual minutes discussing the issues at hand were far from bi-partisan. Do you think the President ever gets tired of being fore-front and monopolizing the TV cameras?? As Forest Gump would say, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

I managed to get up and around this morning…now, I’m just waiting for 6:00 a.m. to go and get the bagels for the office…I was so disappointed last week when we had birthday month celebration at the office…instead of the usual bagels and fruit, the celebration was with muffins and fruit. I am NOT a muffin gal. For some reason, muffins do absolutely nothing. Oh, I’ll eat a good blueberry muffin every now and then, but it is not my breakfast food of choice!!

Okay, enough rambling…can you tell I’m trying to get my mind geared for more solemn things this weekend? Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!!!

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