Wow, Thursday Is Here…

I didn’t realize how stressed I had been until was able to acheive a major stress-relieving orgasm during last night’s session!!! I slept like a rock, not sure I moved much last night as the covers on the bed were about as near perfect as when I make the bed.

I’m a little groggy this morning, but wonderfully relaxed…note to self, Mistress must find a way to session, at least, one submissive male a week in order to accomplish a restfull, relaxing sleep!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed my session, even though the work day was fairly busy…the day sort of crept by, which always makes the work day seem even longer. Several of my co-workers are coming down with various ailments/sickness and that has me a bit on edge…the last flu flare-up is what I call it, which is usually when I get some form of the mutated bug…I think it would be great if there was a flu shot for the fall and another booster for the early/pre-spring.

I’ve got to sit down this weekend and decide what seeds I’m going to plant in preparation for my patio and garden this spring and summer. I might be a week or so behind, but I think there is enough cold weather ahead that I might be just fine when it comes to actually being able to plant…which reminds me, I forgot to plant the flower bulbs I bought from one of the gals at work…so, might be time to get those put in pots and put out in the greenhouse…

I’m hoping to schedule some naughty, nasty fun this weekend, but right now, it’s looking like home projects will be taking the fore-front and the nastiness will be an after-thought.

Have a great Thursday!!!

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