Having My Weekend All Planned Out For Me…

Yes, nothing like having my weekend all planned out for me. Life’s circumstances have found me with two deaths this week. Both have special places in my heart, very dear ladies…both have lived very full, active lives…it is unfortunate that they have died this week and begin another journey…

I will be attending one funeral on Saturday with my brother, sister-in-law and dad. Then back to Tulsa Saturday night to check on the now widow husband of the other dear woman. There will be a body viewing on Sunday afternoon…and then the funeral on Monday around noon. I’ll be taking off of work on Monday to help out in any way that I can during the day.

My oldest son informed me that his transfer has gone through and he’ll be on duty closer to his home with his wife…I’m thrilled for him…a little sad that he won’t be coming by my house and keeping his car here when he’s not on duty, but it will be such a great change for him and hopefully, his wife will appreciate him being a little closer to home.

Now, this deal with my son will free me up to schedule more week-night sessions…

It’s been quite a day…I’m tired and emotionally spent…saying good-bye to dear ones is never easy…

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