Hump Day…Wednesday

Another middle of the work-week day…Wednesday.  Things have been busy at the office…I realized yesterday that this is the last work week of February…next Monday starts a whole new month.

I’ve been scurry around this morning, preparing for a BDSM session tonight.  A new subject to take and do with as I please…I do enjoy that first session, the initiation process, so-to-speak…a new naked body to explore, a new cock to manipulate and play with…I’m looking forward to introducing this new submissive to the realm of Mistress Elizabeth.

The sun will be out today which should improve my overall mood…I’m so tired of cloudy and cold…sunny and cold will be nice for a change.

I hate having the eternal struggle with myself to get out of bed in the mornings…I’m really thinking this is due to not getting quality sleep at night…I simply haven’t been able to turn off my mind when I go to bed.  The Advil P.M. works great, provides me with the ability to turn off the lights and TV and go to sleep…just staying asleep and not dreaming or having quality dreams seems to be the problem here.  Maybe it’s pent up sexual frustrations…while my BDSM sessions and fuck sessions are lots of fun, I am beginning to think that maybe I need more?????? 

For some reason, the thought of having “one” man in my life to be my “everything” just seems so far-fetched and way too much like work!!!!  Can you say relationship challenged???  What offers I have been getting to provide me with a warm-fuzzy, as I will call it, simply don’t appeal to me either.  I simply have no desire to “date.”  Crazy, huh?

I need to move along, get a few more things to get done to be ready for my session before jumping into the shower and getting my work day underway…have a great Hump Day!!!!

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