It’s cold outside this morning…though not nearly as cold as the single digit numbers back in December and January. Nevertheless, winter is still with us, with possibilities of several waves of snow/ice/rain over the next 10-days.

The sun is supposed to come out today…that will go a long way in how I feel during my day. Even though I’ll only get to view it from afar, the sun being out just seems to lift everyone’s spirits.

I found myself turning away an extreme BDSM client. His penchant for crack whores and the desire to pound and stuff things into various orifices just doesn’t coincide what I enjoy in a scene. I like being able to be picky when it comes to those I see…why should I put myself out there to someone that basically wants to flip the session unless I use extreme, physical force. Nevertheless, I’ve been pondering his last missive to me…a lengthy missive where this guy explains to some extent what he’s hoping to find with this Mistress. While he is fairly new and unfamiliar with BDSM, he seeks a partner that is much more brutal than I. While whacking a penis around in the morning might get the blood to pumping on all levels…simply wasn’t something I want to engage in right now. I wish him luck in his search…

I’ve got another possibility for a session this week with a new sub to the fold…if schedules work out, then we’ll get his lessons underway…

Otherwise, it looks to be a fairly uneventful week. Have a great Tuesday!!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday…

  1. First of all this is not meant as a criticism of anyone. I believe I understand the pain/pleasure dichotomy and how moving between the two can lead to a place unreachable by any other path. I do have trouble understanding the motivation and thought processes of those who desire, what I would describe as, violent or near violent behavior; as in the article above. Of course I’m sure many wouldn’t want or understand the fetishes I desire.

    • Difficult to say if someone else would want or understand another person’s fetishes unless those fetishes are shared and/or discussed. What is considered one person’s kink is another person’s norm…one never knows unless they communicate what it is he/she truly seeks.

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