New Shoe Obsession…

I found a gorgeous pair of Coach high-heeled sandals in my March 2010 edition of InStyle magazine.  I scoured the internet in hopes of finding these sandals, what colors they come in, how much they will be when it comes time to purchase…I found nothing.

I managed to find a toll-free number in the very corner of the ad page, in teeny-tiny numbers…I decided I should call and find out why I couldn’t find these beautiful sandals anywhere!!

Low and behold, the very nice lady on the phone informed me that the sandals are not out yet, that they will be released the first week in March…she gave me the name of the style and how much they will be…she didn’t know what colors they would be available in, but doesn’t matter, I want a pair in every color offered.

Yes, these fabulous sandals will be my spring/summer obsession!!!!  As soon as pic is available, I will attached to my post!!!  I’m so excited!!

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