Sunday Reflections (2-20-10)

Another week marked off of the calendar!!  This has been quite a week…

I started last Monday off in good form by hitting head-on a co-worker’s car(truck) in the parking garage as I hurried to get on my way home to go to yoga class.  While it would have been great if the fender bender was left at just that, a couple of scratches…the gal’s husband decided that there was a little more than scratches to his vehicle and asked for my insurance in order to file a claim.  That process gotten taken care of by Friday, when the claim process was done and my insurance company agreed to pay for their vehicle to be repaired.

My car, well, I can live with the little crunch at the top of the hood…I may get it fixed when I’ve got money laying around needing to be spent, but right now, with house taxes due and other bills begging to be paid, fixing my car simply isn’t in the picture…besides, I’ve got a $1000 deductible…I honestly don’t think the damage to either vehicle is $1000 but then I have no idea how much it will cost to “fix” either vehicle.

I had a good visit with my hair-dresser on Wednesday evening.  She’s made a move to a new salon, which I ended up really liking…the atmosphere and the fact that my hair-dresser was looking so good and in so much better spirits…not to mention I got another great cut, that made this move for her well worth the effort of following her to this new salon.

I’ve been obsessing about a pair of Coach sandals that were advertised in the InStyle March 2010 edition.  I scoured the internet trying to find these fabulous sandals that I would be willing to pay full price…they’re that sexy and look at good…Hell, I haven’t even tried them on and I’ve convinced myself that I will have to have a pair in every color!!!  I finally gave up looking and called the toll-free number on the ad…a nice gal answered after I went through the audio-prompts…she knew exactly what sandal I was referring to and gave me the name, price and that it would be available for purchase as of March 1, 2010.  That was so cool!!!  I was thrilled.  Now, I have to figure out how to get a pair in every color when they come out!!!

I had to go and visit my ophthalmologist this week as my headaches and right eye acted up…I’m scared to death to let my eye go without having my doctor look at it for more than a couple of days.  Having suffered from various conditions as a result of my arthritis, I’ve learned to not ignore what’s going on with my eyes…I was relieved to find out that I have been suffering from a bad case of “dry eyes.”  Basically, beef up the fake tears, hydrate myself better…okay, that was easy enough…amazing how much better I felt knowing that I could easily fix whatever was bothering my eyes.

Nastiness…nothing other than discovering my pic albums have been pirated and used on several Yahoo groups without my permission.  I’ve contacted yahoo and have to provide proof that the pics are mine…I will go through a mailing process of actual IDs and the location of the pirated pics.  I have my doubts that I’ll ever get my pics and pic albums off of these two groups…made me realize that I need to copyright my pics, be more aware of where I’m putting my pics up…I have narrowed it down to one pay site I had my pics on several years ago…and then, there is AFF, which apparently it is quite a common occurrence and practice for pics here on AFF to be pirated and used elsewhere.  I decided to remove all of my pics from my profile and albums, get them watermarked before re-posting…not that doing all that will keep my pics from showing up in other places that I have no knowledge…just frustrating and freaky that one’s pics can so easily be stolen…which makes me concerned about how easy it is for folks to commit identity theft!!!

My quest to find other sites that have my pirated pics, led me to some groups where black men come/cum together for sex…this is called “on the down low.”  Imagine my delight at finding, reading and looking at all the offerings on this topic!!  Made me so hot and wet, I could hardly stand myself…

Then there was the pic on AFF of a man on a gynecological exam table receiving an enema…which made me think of my gyno-exam table I have in storage and would LOVE to bring to my house here in Tulsa.  There is not another apparatus that turns me on faster and longer than my gyno-exam table.  I LOVE to use it for myself and definitely on others…I guess that means I have a “medical” fetish of sorts.  One of my hottest masturbation quickie fantasies is of being in the stirrups for a gyno exam and the doctor dropping his drawers and sticking his cock in my spread-open pussy…oh yes, I have quite a collection of masturbation fantasies that revolve/involve my gyno table…just finding a way to get it here to Tulsa from where it is currently being stored and then into my house and the room I plan on putting it…well, obviously, I haven’t worked out all the details or I would be in there enjoying the hell out of it and not sitting here blogging about how to get it here!!!

I’ve disappointed one of my BDSM clients by not indulging him in a “vanilla date” last night.  I simply have no desire to “date” this client.  I can barely stand him when we meet for the “mini” lunch date sessions…I can’t imagine meeting him for dinner and then him insisting I grope him in the parking lot…and last night’s suggestion that we go back to his house because his significant other is out of town…well, even I don’t find that very relaxing or exciting…why flirt with disaster when it simply isn’t necessary????  Women are very keen to knowing when another woman has been in her house…why would this woman be any different?

I played that game of risk with my rich, married attorney…I can honestly say I have never been so nervous and concerned than when we were fucking at his house…and that’s with knowing that his wife was thousands of miles away, several states away…not only was I not able to relax but one luncheon rendezvous found my rich, married attorney unable to get and maintain an erection in order to fuck me…actually, I was quite relieved he couldn’t perform…neither one of us needed that kind of exposure…him more than me…nevertheless, my extreme BDSM client was “crushed” that I didn’t agree to meet him last night.

The week before me has promise…I’ve got a client or two that wants to get together for some ass reddening and man-pussy fucking…so, I’ll figure out my evening schedule and get that all arranged…

I’ve got to get moving along…I’m going to visit long-time family friends where the wife is dying and the husband of 64-years is doing his best to be at his wife’s side.  They are dear people and helped raised me and my siblings.  They were always partial to my sister and we’re all fine with that…she was the daughter they never had.  This woman taught me and my sister how to sew and cook, they lived next door to us during the first 12-years of my life…they have been there for us throughout our lives…the least we could do is be there with them during this very difficult time of dying…so, I need to get around and be ready to head to lunch with my brother, his wife and our dear old friend.  My sister will be sitting with the wife to give the husband a break…the woman’s had a good life, she’s 91-years-old and just tired of living…coupled with the on-set of major dementia…it is said but all a part of the life cycle/process.  The husband is 88-years-old a little younger but a dear man.  I hate to see those I love going through the life process…death is always such a trying time…but once it comes, that’s it…it is done.

Have a great week ahead!!!

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