Saturday Contemplations…

It felt good to simply sleep-in this morning. Another dreary-weathered weekend underway. I’ve got several house projects to tackle today…it’s supposed to rain this afternoon so I might try and get a few yard projects done before the wet blows in…

One of my extreme BDSM clients wants me to have dinner with him…he’s hard of hearing and finds me “intriguing”…though he really wants me to grab his limp cock under the table and let him grope between my legs while I’m wearing a garter and stockings…sans panties…who the hell wears a garter and stockings? Thigh highs, maybe but I’m no VS super model!!! And I’m not real keen on a big-handed man shoving his hand between my legs at dinner, even with a table cloth…I guess that would make me a spoil sport, but hey, the reality is that I don’t want everyone knowing just how naughty and nasty I am, especially when I’m in one of the finer restaurants of Ttown!!!

The reality is that I don’t like a man directing me on how he wants me to dress to go out with him. While I’m sure it provides some sort of inspiration to think that I’ve dressed the way the man would like, it provides nothing for me…doesn’t turn me on, doesn’t thrill me to think that I’m being naughty for this man…does nothing for me…

Now, if we want to talk about what the man can do to amuse me while we’re on our so-called “date”…that’s another matter. I can come up with numerous ways to have the man dress and accessorize himself to please and amuse me!!! As one dear submissive has deemed me, The Diabolical Mistress Elizabeth!!! I’m much more in the mood to bring humiliation and humbling to those men that do choose to serve me!!

I’m trying to decide if I want to venture forth this evening or just stick around the house and rest and relax…I’m really not in the mood to dress up and go out…just has absolutely no appeal to me right now…especially if I’m not thrilled with the company that I will be in.

So, we’ll see…there’s lots of Saturday left before I have to make a decision.

Time for another cup of coffee!

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