One Discovery Leads To Another, Leads To Another…

A man that I have not met in person but have carried on a “text” messaging type friendship, turned me on to the reason for his persistence at wanting to “connect” with me…okay, he wanted to “POUND” my ample white ass.  Yes, this man is a black man…I enjoy men of all colors, shapes, sizes…not so much a wide variance in age but for the most part, I remain open-minded as long as the man’s cock works.  Okay, so the man’s cock doesn’t necessarily have to work, just so long as the man is able to provide the “added” benefit that I enjoy when agreeing to spend some quality time with a man.

This “text” friend called me out on Tuesday night, wanting to know why I was “afraid” of him, of black cock…well, I’ve gone into the “why” of all that in previous blog posts…well, today, I’ve made another group discovery where my pics are in an album having to do with white women being the property of black men.   This is “sexual” property…which is quite comical to me, knowing what my role preference is in sex and with sex partners…while I will channel my frustration through the proper channels of the site these groups are located…I started doing further searches on directions of interest that I have…

I’m reminded of one particular encounter I’ve had with a very tall, muscular black man…in fact, it was quite a learning experience for me because I realized that unless specific boundaries are set before an official get together, there will be lots of assumptions that are erroneously made by one of the two parties…in other words, I realized that I have to be specific with a man when it comes to whether or not the get together will be an “all-nighter” or just an hour or two…being specific, especially on a work-night, is essential…thus, my established preference of getting together with a man for a specific amount of time…one hour, one hour and a half, two hours…I make it clear I am NOT interested in an over-night encounter…not unless specific requirements are met…this rarely happens, which is also fine with me…I have yet to find a man that I desired to spend more than the specific, pre-determined amount of time.

I also learned that this particular black man, desired to “serve” me in all aspects…he wanted me to take him and “make” him perform sexual acts…he wanted me to use and abuse him sexually…he became putty in my hands when I told him exactly what I wanted him to do.  He wanted to be my “sex slave.”  Of course, I prefer the role of Dominant Woman…I prefer the men that I see be submissive to my Dominant role…

So, where am I going with this thought process?  I’m stumbling on to other groups where men are seeking Dominant Women…which is a far cry from the groups where I’ve found my pic albums…in other words, I would LOVE to make some posts about the “Liza” in the groups where she is the so-called property of three black men…I would love to post how this “Liza” has turned the tables and taken these three black men to serve her and to be her “sex bitches”…which not only would I have them serving Me as MY sex slaves but I would take great pleasure in setting them to serving each other sexually…nothing would be hotter to me than seeing two black men fucking each other, sucking each other’s cocks…and then doing whatever else I command them to do sexually…yes, this turns me on…the thought of COMMANDING any man, of any color to perform sex acts on and with another man, just sends me over the top with sexual excitement!!!

Crazy, huh?  My sexually diabolical mind is just having a fun time with all this nonsense of “Liza” serving as a sex slave/slut to these black guys…it is so absurd that I can hardly contain myself…but, I will.  I will refrain from making random posts and calling these worthless pieces of shit out for pirating my picture albums…pretty sad when folks have to take pics from other folks and use them on these various sites that are so far from reality, it’s just stupid!!!

So, I’m having fun, making all sorts of discoveries…some good, some bad, some so far-fetched, it’s totally amusing.  One particular direction I’ve been exploring is “men on the down low…” nothing is more fascinating to me than a man that wants to explore and experience another man…I’ve stumbled across several blogs that are just amazing in content…the intimacy that is shared between two men…

Yes, one discovery leads to another, leads to another…

3 thoughts on “One Discovery Leads To Another, Leads To Another…

  1. Isn’t it always a discovery, when we are most open to change sometimes nothing happens. And then when we are adamant that nothing will happen Boom.

    It seems that at least you are the master or mistress of your own destiny. I applaud that.

    sometime the dynamic between two people be them men or women or a shared lot of the bunch can be eye opening.

    Personally the one thing that sticks in my mind of a Cuckold man was when he personally put me inside his wife. I am not one that normally enjoys a touch of another man but on that occasion it was so liberating. Giving me permission to fuck the shit out of his wife. When she had invited me over, in the end we double teamed her for about 2 hours.

    Still loving the blog

  2. It’s hard to believe any woman would turn down such a gracious offer from a man to “POUND” her ass – no matter the color or size of said ass.

  3. When I saw the photo attached to this entry I thought it a bit disconcerting. It seems quite a few black men; especially young black men present an uber-male persona. Back in the day we called it “macho”.

    I had a female friend in school that referred to any man that displayed man’s man, ultra masculine behavior a “macho shithead”. I think that’s a technical term.

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