I overslept in a major way this morning…I forgot to turn the sound up on my phone, which I use as my alarm clock…so much for the morning workout routine this morning!!!  Now, I’m behind schedule or where I think I need to be in my morning…

I’ve got to learn how to de-stress better…this week has been a doozy when it comes to stressing myself out!!!  I think what’s got me the most stressed out is the fact that the fender-bender I had on Monday of this week might turn into something more…the gal’s husband wants my insurance information so he can file a claim…not that I am saying I shouldn’t fix the vehicle…just interesting that my Nissan Altima could have done any damage to a Chevy Suburban when all that happened to my car was a tiny crunched corner of my hood…oh well, men and their cars/trucks/SUVs.
I have to work with this gal so I don’t want to be a total ass about it…I should’ve taken pics of both vehicles when they were touching with my cell phone but I was so freaked out, all I could think of was how stupid I was for not paying better attention!!!

Nastiness for this weekend?  I’m still reeling from the discovery of my nasty pics all over a goofy-assed Yahoo group where I’m a sex slave to three black guys…not to mention the price list they have for liza_lovesBBC is simply ridiculous…the more I think about how the 3 men boast about fucking my “fat” white ass…well, that’s not sitting very well with me.  While I am the first one to admit I have an ample ass…having men say that my “fat, white ass” is so fuckable, well, I’m not really liking that description…it’s one thing when I say it, they way they say it over and over again in group posts and such…well, I realize, this fictious liza_lovesBBC is their sex slave and more than likely enjoys being demeaned as the white female property that she is…but this Liza, well, I’m not real keen on being “owned” by anyone!!!

Looking at these guys pics, real or not…I would like to turn the tables and make all three of them my sex slaves.  I would have the biggest ass-training dildos up their asses so fast, you could drive a VW bug right up into their colons!!!  I would POUND their asses till they couldn’t sit down for a week, maybe longer!!!!

Okay, I’ve lingered here long enough…time to get this work day underway…see ya on the flip side of Friday!!!!

One thought on “FRIDAY!!!!

  1. Buck up little camper, It always could get worse. At least you have a roof over your head and a place to vent about your ample assets.

    At least you’re not Tiger Woods LOL 🙂
    Have a great Friday.

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