I just realized I hadn’t posted this morning…just haven’t felt like it lately and I’ve been concentrating on getting back into my early morning work-out routine.

An update to Wednesday, it seems that some guys, not sure if they’re black or white, purple or green, but some folks have pirated my “liza” pics and formed a really pathetic group on Yahoo, where “Liza” is the sex slave to three black guys.  According to the posts and such of this group, these guys pimp “Liza” out and trade her for “other” sex slaves that only want and LOVE BIG BLACK COCKS!!!

I was really pissed when I saw how many of my pics these guys have pirated and put in an album in this group.  Not to mention the “price list” these guys have put on ol’Liza, well, it’s freaking ridiculous!!! Like I said, I was pissed at first and sent all manners of abuse complaints to yahoo because I really don’t want my pics all over the damned interest, especially my face pics…good grief, how did most of those pics get picked out of and off of my computer?  There were a lot of pics that I never posted anywhere but had them on my home PC!!!  I’m definitely going to have a talk with my computer guy about beefing up my computer security…

Anyway, now, I’m having a good chuckle over all this and thinking of ways to get back at this group and the guys that seem to have pirated quite a few pics from quite a few ladies, some I actually know…some, there’s no telling where these guys have stolen these pics from…no need to get mad, just get even!!!

As I told the guy that turned me on to all this crap that’s been posted without my permission or knowledge, I am NOT any man’s property…no man is going to pound my pussy or ass, quite the opposite, I’ll be pounding there man-pussies with great delight!!!
So, as some of you have guessed, Mistress Elizabeth is going to be making some interesting posts to this yahoo group and see what kind of crap she can really stir up!!!  Might as well have some fun, huh??????

I’ve been really busy at work, trying to stay ahead of the game and work through a couple more headaches.  I was able to get into my eye doctor today to make sure my eyes weren’t causing these isolated headaches…seems I have a bad case of dry eye and he gave me drops to really hydrate my eyes…this dry winter weather is just killer to skin and eyes!!!  Good thing I have that cool mist humidifier to put in my bedroom at night!!!

One more work day this week and then the weekend…I’m hoping to get some more projects done around the house and get some rest…maybe even some naughty, nasty fun if I feel up to it.

How’s your week going?  Looking forward to the weekend?

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