Crazy Coincidences…

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve encountered a couple of guys that have brought back flashes of my ex-husband.

One guy was writing me under a fake-name to “protect” himself…he used “Bill Smith” as his alias…that’s all fine and good but my ex-husband’s name is “Bill Smith!” I didn’t think it would bother me but every time I got a note from this guy, I would feel kind of queezy!!! I even asked the guy if this was his “real” name…which it wasn’t. I held my fingers and didn’t zip off some smart-assed, rude note informing this guy that I simply couldn’t continue because he was using an alias that was my actual ex-husband’s name!!! The guy eventually “trusted” me enough to give me his “real” name…and then basically, we reached an impasse as he only wants to get together with me because he’s “intrigued” by me and doesn’t want to think that I’m seeing him because he’s met my monetary requirements…he actually thought I was going to cancel a session just to have dinner with him. Which I politely informed him that business before pleasure, but in this case, pleasure is my business so I get the best of both worlds!!! In other words, I make time for you if you are able to provide me with what I’m seeking…if you’re not willing and able to provide what I’m seeking, then no, I’m not going to drop everything and meet you for dinner and more? (WTF, this guy was serious, he really thought by sending me one of those jib-jab cards with his pic on the dancing body of a Chippendale dancer was going to make me want to lift my dress hem and fuck him silly…yes, he really did…he really thought I was as intrigued by him as he was with me!!!

Next, another guy here on Adult FriendFinder has struck up and exchange and started sending me pics he’s taken of himself…he’s been sharing with me and showing me through his pics how much he wants to serve this Mistress…okay, but when you look exactly like my ex-husband, even with the blindfold and gags attached, I’m sorry, I can’t find it in me to be interested…shave the beard, I don’t care how well groomed/trimmed and such it is, I simply am NOT a beard gal…sometimes I’ll go for a goatee but really, I like my men clean-shaved…yes, all aspects, cock and balls and definitely facial smoothness…

So, are these crazy coincidences? I mean come on, why am I getting these little glitches of someone I would never go back to for anything…and most of all, not for sex!!! The man wouldn’t give it up when we were married, I can assure you he is still NOT giving up any sex!!!

Crazy, huh????

One thought on “Crazy Coincidences…

  1. I wonder why some men have to picture every woman as a damsel in distress? I guess it fulfills the fantasy picture they have in their heads of male/female relationships. The thought of a woman that needs, or wants, a man to save her is the last thing I think of while reading your blog. Some people, eh?

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