Monday, Monday…

Some folks have today off from work for President’s Day…those of us in the world of “billable” hours, we’re open for business, with the exception of being able to file anything or mail anything as the post office and courthouses are closed…which, if I’m not mistaken, so are the banks.

The sun is supposed to be out today…though it will be cold temperature wise…yesterday, I got up to everything having a fine dusting of snow…just great since I got the car washed on Saturday!! By the time I headed to my dad’s later in the afternoon, all the snow was gone and the roads dry, so now new crud on my car. It is amazing how dirty ice, snow and slush can get one’s car…I even took advantage of the free vacuum at the car wash…so, the car is all nice and clean, inside and out.

I’m having the usual Monday morning trouble of getting motivated to get moving along to get ready for work…not that I necessarily want to stay home all day long…just not necessarily looking forward to going to the office. Though I just remembered, I’ve got to take my Southwest Egg Rolls for the celebration of the HR’s 40th birthday celebration at noon today. I think I’m the only one on our group at the office that committed to bring something for the surprise party. I always find it interesting how some gals participate and others blow it off…I guess I’m no different in what I pick and choose to participate in but I’ve learned, it never hurts to make good at the office…

I need to move along, not going to get my shower and get dressed lingering here.

Have a great Monday and a great President’s Day!

At least, no headache again this morning. I hate those mornings when the day starts off with a headache and it never really goes away!!!

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