HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!  How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Do you take your Sweetheart somewhere romantic and special?

I can honestly say, I haven’t ever really had a great Valentine’s Day…unless, it was of my own making.  I have learned through my life that if I want to really enjoy something, I need to take care of all the details because there isn’t a man out there in this big ol’world that can pull off a great gift or day for me…my ex-husband was full of disappointments.  I knew every little think that he liked, what made him happy, favorite colors, favorite foods…I continued to wow and amaze through my marriage till that last year when I pretty much gave up on everything…20-years is a long time to devote to someone that had no clue as to who he was married!!!

I have received flowers from lovers through the years, even when I was married I received a dozen red roses from a lover…that was fun.  I received them at the office, no card, just the beautiful roses…he was a good fuck, but not good for anything else!!!

I have good memories of spending Valentine’s weekend at the on-premise, Swingers’ partyhouse in Dallas, Texas.  Gawd, those were incredible naughty, nasty parties!!!  In credible nasty times with all out group sex/group fucks…what more could a nasty gal like me want???  Lots of hard cocks and delicious pussies to suck, fuck and eat!!!  What would top it all off was all the gals that would dress in theme for Valentine’s Day!!!!  Nothing like a bunch of sexy people all dressed up in red and horny!!!  Sex was definitely in the air!!!

Valentine’s Day brings me to think about what I love in a man…I do have a man in my life…a very special man!!!  This man allows me to be me…while he may not be able to provide all the sex that I need, he doesn’t hold me back from seeking those that can and will provide me the physical aspects of sex that I want and need.  Allowing me to be me…isn’t that what love is all about, not stifling someone but allowing them to fully grow and be all that they can be????

Valentine’s Day is also a poignant day for me…my mother died two years ago on Valentine’s Day.  I can’t help but smile when I think about my dad saying this was Mom’s way of getting back at him for all the years he forgot about Valentine’s Day or a birthday or their wedding anniversary.  I have to admit, what better way to keep you in everyone’s thoughts but to die on a holiday of sorts!!!  I can say that I was at my mother’s side that day…I watched as she took her last breaths…I miss my mom…and can’t help but keep her foremost in my thoughts as Valentine’s Day approaches…I’ll gather with the family this evening to honor her memory…she would have liked all of us coming together.

So, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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