Once Upon A Time…

I had to go and wash my car, it was so filthy from the ice, snow and rain stuff we’ve had over the last couple of weeks. I was surprised I got through the car wash so quickly…pricey deal at $12 but totally worth not having to get out of the car…I’ll clean the side mirrors and inside windows tomorrow before I had out to dinner with family tomorrow late afternoon.

Traffic was really crazy out, made me wonder why I felt the need to wash my car…but then I filled up with gas, got a few things at Sam’s and then headed to the grocery store. I was going to get some roses to give to my sister-in-law, sister and grandmother but I just couldn’t see paying $20…cards were just as expensive, so I got the few groceries I needed and came on home…

I’ve been watching silly, romantic movies…with this headache, I just needed to chill and let go…amazing how the body seems to rebel when things are just not right…

Once upon a time, I would have been tripping the lights fantastic, deciding on whether or not I was going to fuck my date stupid before kicking him out the door…tonight, I’m trying to figure out what stupid movie to watch next…I’m hoping the headache breaks by in the morning so I can do my best to be productive…the day was so much warmer than it’s been, I simply didn’t feel like doing anything but a couple of loads of laundry…

Once upon a time I wondered if I would ever get to the happy place I’m at in my life…hard to believe I use to look up at the night stars and wonder if I would ever be healthy and happy…well, happy for now, healthy, I’m working considering myself a work in progress!!!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…

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