Is It Saturday????

I woke up with another killer headache…something’s gotta be going on, this is the second time this week I’ve gotten up in the morning and could hardly function. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to my Saturday morning yoga class, there was no way I could stretch and breath my way out of this pounding in my head…

I think I’ll head to Home Depot today and get a carbon-monoxide detector and see if there’s a possibility the heating system has a problem…

Then I got to thinking about what I’ve been eating and drinking lately. I’ve cut way back on the sugar and caffeine so that’s a highly probable cause of my body using up all the fuel while I sleep and I wake-up lacking the crud that I’ve been filling my body with…now that I’m watching what I eat and drink much more carefully on the weight-loss challenge at the office, I’ve cut way back, I could be doing the withdrawal deal…

I’m going through the emotional downer of the anniversary of my mom’s death this weekend. I’m doing pretty good about it, got most of the really depressed part dealt with earlier in the week…enjoying a fabulous session with dear subbie…that was a great stress-reliever…it will be 2-years tomorrow since my mom died…my dad wants all of us kids to come Muskogee tomorrow afternoon…not sure if I’m up to it or will pass….there will be a visit to the cemetery and I simply don’t do cemeteries.

But first and foremost, gotta get rid of this painful head!!!

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