Finally Friday…

There was a time when I would be closing down the local watering-hole. A friend reminded me of the years we would head over to the closest restaurant/bar from the courthouse and have a few drinks…okay, a lot of drinks and then head home for the weekend.

I really enjoyed those Friday nights…it was a reprieve from the reality of the unhappiness I was living in.

That seems like so long ago. Many of those friends have long gone by the way-side…they more or less abandoned me, isn’t that what folks do in a small town when a couple divorces? They choose sides, one party gets the short-end of the stick…that would be “me!” But I made the choice to leave and looking back, I don’t regret a thing…I only regret that it took me so long to make the decision to leave…

Now, I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been…such is life.

Every now and then, I do miss those little Friday early evening get togethers. I don’t drink any more so, I guess I could sit and have a Diet something or a glass of iced-tea (No, no Long Island Teas for this gal!!!). It might be fun to find a new group of friends to gather together and meet for a couple of laughs after work…

Finally Friday finds me relieved to be over my headache of yesterday…I got up with a headache and went to bed with a headache…I didn’t realize how bad it was until this morning when I got up feeling so much better. I felt so much better today at work…made me realize just how bad I did really feel yesterday…

Now, just chilling for the weekend…heading into Valentine’s Day is finding me doing pretty well…it will be interesting to see how the next couple of days go!!!

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