A Good Paddling…

Dear subbie arrived promptly.  I had warned him that he would suffer Mistress’ wrath due to pressing me for a committed session evening and time.  I confirmed dear subbie’s session evening and time…and that dear subbie needed to prepare himself properly and have Mistress’ cock-meat and balls all clean and shaved smooth…ready for a good “workout” so-to-speak.

I love to sit and watch as my subject matter strips naked in front of me…it is a most humbling experience for the subbie…I do love when the underwear come off and the cock jumps up at attention…next, I had dear subbie stand in front of me while I inspected my property…I love to run my hands around the erect cock and cup the balls…feeling the smooth shave…dear subbie’s nipples were nice and erect…hard little marbles…

I then placed dear subbie across my lap, his cock-meat between my upper thighs and proceeded to paddle dear subbie on the bare ass cheeks.  I used a firm hand…not to much, umph behind my swats…first one cheek, then the other…back and forth, slowly but firmly…warming each cheek with an even tempo.  dear subbie protested that his paddling was hurting…I was just getting started!!

I laughed at dear subbie, I don’t think he realized how quickly a steady paddling would turn to a painful event…I continued to paddle his bottom…his ass cheeks turning a nice pink…dear subbie looked like his arms were bothering him so I had him get on all fours on my large wooden coffee table on the pink yoga mat I place there to prevent slippage…

I continued to work dear subbie’s ass cheeks to a nice warm glow…then I began to milk dear subbie’s cock and balls…I was having so much fun listening to dear subbie protest what I was doing to him…what a diabolical bitch!!! Yes, that would be this Mistress.

When I had dear subbie’s bottom a nice glowing red, I had him turn around and sit on the edge of the yoga mat on the coffee table.  I think it surprised dear subbie on how sore his bottom was to be sitting on it…

I then placed the bondage hood over dear subbie’s head and placed the leather cuffs on dear subbie’s wrists and ankles…off to my bedroom for some more wicked fun…

I pushed dear subbie onto my bed and told him to crawl up there and lay over the TV pillow I had placed there.  I took a bottle of lube and poured it down his ass crack…then with a steri-gloved hand I began to finger dear subbie’s man-pussy.

I then climbed up on the bed behind dear subbie and calling him all manners of names, I pressed the top of my thighs into his bottom…telling him how I was going to fuck his man-pussy good and make him the girlie-bitch that he really wanted to be…I was so turned on, my pussy was so hot and wet, I could hardly stand myself!!

I then took my long, slender Feeldo, covered it with a condom and teased dear subbie’s man-pussy with the head of it before I pushed it into his puffing man-pussy…dear subbie began to protest again…I continued to pump the rubber cock in and out of dear subbie’s man-pussy telling him what a good little whore he was being and that when Mistress tired of fucking his man-pussy, that’s when I would stop…I reached around and stroked dear subbie’s nipples while I pressed the dildo into his man-pussy while pressing my thighs against his ass to hold the rubber cock in place…

dear subbie continued to whine and protest…his arms were chained to my bed, holding him down so I could fuck his man-pussy and do as I pleased with him…after I tired of fucking his man-pussy, I decided to turn him over and chain him spread-eagle on his back…dear subbie’s cock-meat was still at full attention…I could hardly wait till I could straddle and ride that hard cock, I was so turned on!!!

I placed my hot, wet pussy over one of dear subbie’s hands and told him to touch my pussy, finger it…see how hot Mistress was and dear subbie fingered my pussy and begged Mistress to let him lick my hot, wet honey-hole…not yet, my dear, not year…

I then placed my tit and nipple in dear subbie’s mouth and commanded him to suck my tit…which he did, which only made me hotter…it wasn’t long before I pulled the bondage hood off of dear subbie and straddled his face with my pussy…I commanded dear subbie to lick his Mistress, lick my pussy like I like it!!! and lick my pussy, dear subbie did!!!

I fucked dear subbie’s face with my pussy…I was so sopping wet I was hesitant that dear subbie might drown…what a way to go, huh?  So, I would take dear subbie’s cock in my mouth every now and then and suckle it while dear subbie licked and tongued my pussy…I was getting so close to cumming…I tried to hold back as long as I could…but I was so in need of a good orgasm…I decided to cum on dear subbie’s face and cum I did…the waves of my ecstasy washed over me…I stayed on dear subbie’s mouth as long as I could stand it and then moved to lay beside dear subbie until the little electrical jolts began to subside.  I decided it was time to fuck dear subbie and take what I wanted from him…so, I undid the chains on dear subbie’s wrists and ankles and then proceeded to climb up on dear subbie’s hard cock and ride that wonderful piece of man-meat.

It didn’t take me long to start cumming again…I could feel my pussy juices running down out of my pussy and onto dear subbie’s cock and balls…I was so hot…and then orgasm number two was zipping through me, causing my pussy to massage and grip dear subbie’s cock deep inside of me…it didn’t take dear subbie’ long to start begging to be allowed to cum…permission granted, cum dear subbie, cum!!

And dear subbie let go and gave in to his own orgasm!!  I was delighted to climb off of dear subbie and see him laying there, totally drained but a nice little smile playing on his lips.

Yes, a good paddling and fucking is just what dear subbie needed…not to mention, what Mistress was needing as well!

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