Wednesday, Preparing…

This morning, I’m preparing for a session with dear subbie. I will be sessioning dear subbie this evening. Our schedules haven’t been able to coincide since before Christmas…well, schedules and weather…so, tonight, I am looking forward to stripping dear subbie naked and seeing what I can do with MY cock-meat and his man-pussy…

I’m looking forward to warming up his bare ass-cheeks and giving him a little lesson in discipline for a couple of transgressions he’s made since we last sessioned. I’ve laid out all the implements I want to use on him tonight…I do love having everything set and ready for my return home from the office, takes some of the hurry and rush of my day out of the equation.

The day is supposed to be another cold one, over-cast off and on as another cold front moves through…not as powerful as the last couple of fronts, but not allowing the sun to shine seems to cast a downing type mood to things.

Time to head to the shower…gotta get around in a timely manner. Have a great Hump Day!!!

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