The snow was pretty this time around because it didn’t stick, it all melted away.  Then the sky cleared and it turned bitter cold…well, not as cold as it has been over the last couple of months, not down into the single digits, but below freezing.  Made me want to come back in and go straight to bed after taking the little dogs out for their first morning pee.

Instead of going back to bed, I sitting here trying to wake-up, having my first cup of coffee and trying to decide what to wear to work. I don’t like being cold so I’ll probably pick something that I know will keep me nice and warm.

I’ve had a rash of my male friends wanting to take me out on a date.  This strikes me as strange since I’ve made it clear I’m not interested in “dating” these guys.  They come to me for a specific reason and purpose, yet they send me e-mails full of scenarios they want to “treat” me to…last night’s e-mail left me quite vexed.  The friend is a married man, though his wife lives in another state, his idea of a good time is to meet some of his buddies at a local bar, shoot pool and drink.  He wants me to dress up “slutty-sexy” and shoot pool with him.  I’m not to wear any panties and a low cut top so I show lots of cleavage.  This will all be apparent when I have to lean over the pool table and take a shot, my bare ass or tits are supposed to be all exposed for him.  This will make him feel like the luckiest guy in the bar to be with this slutty-sexy, classy woman. 

He asked me what I thought of his “date” scenario…I told him I didn’t think much of it but if he was willing to devote the time and added benefit for the time we spend together, I would consider doing what he requested.  I told him I enjoy a little role-playing now and then, as this was something that I don’t do on a “normal” social basis.

I do have a life, I do have friends, guys that I see on a boyfriend basis.  Not very often because I simply don’t want to devote the time and energy to those relationships and I really enjoy entertaining those few special friends.  I have family that I can visit and that come and visit me…I don’t sit around waiting for one of the special friends to want to come over for an hour or two of sexual fun.

I don’t want to be “shown off” for buddies or friends…I don’t want to hang out in bars, I don’t shoot pool, simply isn’t something I’ve ever really been interested in doing.  I can shoot pool, I choose to NOT shoot pool.

I’ve got another married guy that I see as an extreme BDSM submissive.  He wants to take me out to dinner when in a couple of weeks when his significant other is out of town.  He’s hard of hearing and I don’t want to be his “date” for dinner.  I don’t want to be seen out in at one of the finer restaraunts with him, nor do I want to take the time and patience to sit through a meal and listen to him and then get out in the parking lot so he can cop-a-feel of my ass or try to touch my pussy…just doesn’t sound like an experience I want to be indulging in…in fact, I thought of how nice it would be to just session the hellout of him and send him home with a sore cock and nipples…

So, my impression of this barrage of special friends wanting to take me out on dates is ridiculous.  If I wanted to spend more time with any of these guys on a “date” basis, you can bet I would say so…but then, that’s why they come to me, they come to me because they can’t get what they’re wanting at home…they want a gal that will go out with them and shoot pool, have fun smokin’ and jokin’…oh they want sex, too, but what they really want is a woman to pay attention to them, listen to them talk…not just in the bedroom, but in a “fun” setting.

Anyway, I’m NOT in a dating mood.  Simply isn’t something I want to be doing with most of these guys.  I guess that makes me one of those cold, heartless bitches.  Such is life.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday…

  1. Not that I want to take sides or anything but what part of your social life is YOURS don’t people get.

    I have known a few women in your position and the one thing that I know they make abundantly clear is that time on the clock is one thing. But you need and deserve your private time as well.

    I guess that comes with the territory, men being very visual creatures tend to want to “possess” what they see. Understandable to a point. But I do agree with you that there has to be a line drawn somewhere.

    Are you familiar with the Character of Belle du Jour?? I think she covers most of the bases in her writings.

    Still Loving the Blog!!! Thank You for allowing me to comment.

  2. I get frustrated with the mind-set of some of these guys. What is especially frustrating is that the ones that want to “save” me from the unknown perils of my life, are married. It isn’t like they can really be seen out and about in public with me or any other woman besides their wife without some sort of explanation coming into play…oh, the psychology of it all!!

    Nevertheless, the newest friend hasn’t even made it into the fold and has already has his feelings hurt because I don’t want to socialize with him at his favorite watering hole.

    I’m flattered that you enjoy my blog.

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