Another Monday…

Just when all the ice and snow from the last snow storm has melted away, there’s more in the forecast for today. I’m beginning to think it wouldn’t be a Monday if there wasn’t some winter weather in the forecast!!

I’m hoping my yoga class tonight won’t be canceled due to the weather…since I missed Saturday for lack of getting my act together, I’m hoping to make it to tonight’s class.

I hit the treadmill this morning, gawd I feel old and out-of-shape, but I made it through the 20-minute workout. It’s another start to exercise…I could so easily go back to bed right now and sleep the morning away…not an option!!!

For breakfast, I’m having a “delicious” chocolate-banana smoothie…yummy!

Such is the beginning of Monday…now, whether or not I can work in some naughty, nasty fun this week, well, we’ll see…I’m starting to feel the need to strip a man naked and have my way with him…just gotta get the evening schedule figured out and who is available to session.

Stay safe and warm…have a good Monday!!!

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