The Craziest Thing Popped Into My Head…

Today, I enjoyed a generous gift in which to go on a shoe shopping splurge. I headed to my favorite department store after work…in fact, I managed to swing by BOTH stores looking for a sexy pair or two of shoes. The stores have their shoes on sale for 50% to 70% off.

It starts getting crazy here…the first store, I found nothing that appealed to me. Not one single shoe jumped out at me and screamed, BUY ME!!! There I was, cash in hand to make any purchase I wanted and I found nothing that made my heart skip a beat or two…

As I headed out of the first store, I decided to go ahead and swing by the same store that was closest to my house. I had spotted two pairs of shoes earlier this week that I would have really enjoyed having…I knew full and well neither pair would be in the store tonight, but there’s always that remote possibility…so, I had to satisfy my curiosity. I came across a couple of pairs of other shoes that would “do” but there was only one shoe of the pair of boots that I tried on…and the other shoes that I thought would look SO cute…actually looked dreadful on my feet!!! Wow, that doesn’t happen very often when I’ve got the actual cash in my purse…there wasn’t one shoe in that store that I couldn’t live without!!!

As I was headed out of the store, another thought popped into my head…this is where it gets REALLY crazy…I thought, hey, why don’t I head to the running shoe store where I did my walking training last summer and buy another pair of Asics like I bought in August? That way, I would have to incredible pair of walking shoes to train in for the next six months. I could alternate shoes so they would last longer and I could go farther…

What a minute…did I just really think all that???? Did I just reveal that it might just be better for me to go and buy a pair of walking/running shoes rather than buy a pair of sexy, strappy shoes with 4-inch heels??????

The next thing you know, I’ll be headed out to buy a pair of swim goggles and actually going to the “Y” to swim some laps a couple of times a week!!! Amazing…actually, no really crazy!!!!

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