Finally Friday!!!

At least, it has not gotten as cold as predicted…it doesn’t seem like it has. An early assessment of the driveway weather does not give indication that there is ice looming about…I could be wrong and my drive to Panera for bagels this morning will provide me a better idea of my drive to work and the conditions of the street.

There are HUGE potholes on just about every street I take to the office, as well as on Broken Arrow Expressway…you have to really pay attention or loose a wheel when they suddenly appear before you car and you have no other lane in which to swerve…I’ve been keeping a watchful eye out and well, I think I have a handle on where the major holes are…though it seems every morning there are new ones crumbling the streets before my eyes.

My cube-mate will be out today, so I’ll be covered up busy at the office. I should be able to stay on top of things but who knows…I’ll dig in and give it my best.

My computer guy and his fiance came over last night. He added memory to my desk top, transferred the remaining data off of my laptop and declared my little laptop officially dead. How sad. I don’t know when I will actually, physically let loose of my laptop but it is now clean of my most personal, private pictures and documents…my beginning of sorts into the woman I am now and where I find myself in my life.

So many things going on with me that I can’t post…too intimate even for me…funny, huh? Mood killer, yes, it is one of those times when I find myself digging deep and pulling myself up by the boot-straps so-to-speak. I’ve only stumbled with depression a couple of times in my life and managed to pull myself out of the bowels of the darkness…I don’t need medication, just some time to think and process everything and make better choices for better directions…which usually opens up my nasty, creativeness and desires.

I made sure I laid out something RED to wear to work today. Today is !!! I noticed National Women’s Heart Awareness Wear Red Dayon my morning news programs that the folks are all wearing red…so my dears, WEAR RED today, show your support!!!

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