Rainy Thursday…

Actually, it isn’t raining, it’s sleeting…a little ice mixed in with the rain is always a treat!!! NOT!!! There’s a new front pushing through today with the ice/snow line just to the north of Tulsa. We’ll get pretty much what we’re getting right now, sleet for most of the day…if the system does veer to the south or north, it will change the whole outlook…then we have Saturday clear and sunny only for Sunday to turn cold again with ice/snow predicted.

I’m headed to the rheumatologist this morning. I’ve been on the Enbrel now for 5 or 6 months now and seem to be pretty much pain-free. There is a couple of side-effects, but they’re easy enough to live with in order to be this pain-free. I should be at the office before 10:00 a.m. At least, that’s my goal. I caught myself thinking how I’ll be going into the “bowels” of traffic going to my doctor’s appointment this morning. My doctor’s office is right across the street from one of the biggest and busiest hospitals in Tulsa…the area is a traffic nightmare because there’s so much of it around that whole square mile area. I’ll get an early enough start that I should get there in a timely manner.

My computer friend is coming over tonight to add memory to my current desk-top, transfer what is left on my ancient laptop’s hard-drive and check out the newest PC I bought from the office this week. He’s bringing his fiance which will be a bit of a drag…I was hoping to get caught up on his gal pal in Texas that got pregnant with twins while they were fucking…I’m pretty sure the little twin girls are his because her hubby had had a vasectomy over 10-years prior, but who knows without blood tests and such…not really dinner conversation with the fiance sitting there…especially if she’s not really aware of the liason that may have led to the twins conception. Hearing of someone else’s drama is always much more fun than it actually being my own drama.

Time to move along. Have a great Thursday.

One thought on “Rainy Thursday…

  1. Seems like someone might have some explaining to do. OOOPS
    But that’s what happens when people mix fluids.

    Personally I had a vasectomy a few years ago and spent a great deal of time enjoying the ladies in my area. Was the best thing I could have done for myself.

    None of the worry associated with pregnancy, and more time to concentrate on just enjoying the moment. 🙂

    And I was honest about your blog, I find it to be a very good read. It has become part of my daily routine as of late. I can’t wait to check out the back issues!!

    I am new to blogging myself and haven’t gotten the courage to write on such adult matter, but do applaud your zest for life and enjoyment of all things.

    Check me out sometime.

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