Wednesday…Hump Day!!!

Today is the first Wednesday of the new month, February. The first Hump Day of February. Work has been busy, looks like it will be busy right through till Friday…not that I am complaining, I would much rather be busy than left to my own devices, which usually involves cruising Craigs List ads, even responding to some of the more outrageous ads…a few have proved to be fun and different…others nothing but a big disappointment.

Much like here on Adult FriendFinder. Though I have had better luck meeting several special friends. I’ve had my disappointments from here on Adult FriendFinder, but for the most part, I’ve had pretty good luck.

Being so busy at work has taken some of my mental umph or edge out of me for the time being. I’ll adjust and get back to my over-active sexual imagination self…but right now, I’m just too tired to open my mind…too many deeper personal things going on that have me stressed out right now. Those personal things/issues will work out, they usually do, just get to me when I find myself mentally tired and unable to forge forward with the gusto I usually possess.

I do know that if I get my ass back in gear, get up in the mornings like I’m supposed to and start working out, I might find more tolerance for those few guys that have contacted me that require much more thought in my response. When I’m in this frame of mind, I have to really refrain from zipping off a personal response…the quick responses are much more appropriate and not as cutting and bitchy. Yes, I’m a downright bitch right now, but that’s due to the other things going on in my life and head.

I’ve started thinking about what I want to start from seeds this year for my garden…I’ve intended to do seeds the last two years I’ve had my greenhouse…I think I’m really going to do it this year!!!

Time to get moving along…nothing like waiting until it’s time to head out the door to decide what to wear to work…where’s the Obsessive Compulsive behavior to keep myself in check?

Have a great Hump Day!!!

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