It’s Melting…

The drive home from work yesterday was much easier…most of the ice and snow had melted from the expressway and streets…even my neighborhood streets were much more navigable.

During yoga class the instructor was trying to get us to totally let go of the day’s stresses…she mentioned totally relaxing, don’t think about the possibility of snow in the forecast later in the week…she could have left that out…I would prefer that the temps hoover in the 40s (50s or 60s are preferred) and not dip back down into the 30s and even 20s!!! I found it easy to “let go” because I simply won’t think of more ice and snow.

One of the other yoga students mentioned how beautiful the snow was and how she hated to see it melt…this was right after she said she was so disappointed the “Y” closed last Saturday due to ice and snow…no, I’m not sorry it’s melting. There’s no “kid” in me to want it to stick around…it’s cold, it’s dangerous, no, I want it to melt and go away!!!

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