What Turns You On Sexually?

I find it interesting when something I read turns me on sexually.  Be it a personal ad on a sex site, Craig List or one of the other sites…the written word can be so powerful and conjure up all manners of sexual desire in me, or an erotic story, book…I don’t get turned on watching porn, just doesn’t work for me…I’m more of a hands on kind of gal…

Though I will say, some of the little videos here in AFF turn me on…especially the guy-on-guy videos.  For some reason seeing a guy suck another guy’s cock or take it in the ass from another guy turns me on like nothing else!!  Watching a man and woman have sex, that’s okay, but just doesn’t trip the same triggers.

The live and in person version of sexual turn-ons is even more diverse…I do know that a man in a fine suit, incredible cologne and the hint of power in his persona, turn me on sexually like nothing else…he could be as ugly as a toad in the face and his very presence has me practically cumming right there next to him…I guess you could say that something from within that man stirs me…

What turns you on sexually?

2 thoughts on “What Turns You On Sexually?

  1. I know what you’re talking about, the lost thrill. The forbidden, the needed, the wanted and denied urges. It’s not always what is obvious that turns people on.

    Sometimes it just takes a look, or as you said the right scent.
    Attitude is a powerful trigger for me, the risk, the chase and the inevitable seduction are all part and parcel of being a complete sexual being. Don’t you think??

    A good turn or or seduction, in my opinion should be 90% mental, lets face it the body is easy to arouse. But to truly get the mind going, now that takes a special type of person.

    Great Blog!!!

    • Yes, I do agree with you that attraction is 90% mental. I’ve always considered the mind/brain to be the biggest and most powerful sex organ a human possesses. If you can seduce my mind, my body readily follows. Thanks for your comment and for reading my blog, I’m truly flattered!!

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