Sunday Reflections – 1-31-10

s, time for Sunday reflections on the previous week and then looking ahead to the next week…

January is going out with a snowy coating…looks like one of those weather things happened over night when the earth is warming up and the ice and snow are melting…a cloud covering holds everything in and creates a misty type frost…making everywhere the ice and snow melted yesterday look like it was snowed on again. UGH!!!!  I simply want it all to melt away and be gone!!!  I’m tired of the brightness of all this stuff!!

My friend that was in the VA hospital in Muskogee is home, he’s feeling better though he still has a terrible congested cough.  It is breaking up…I think he’s actually going to quit smoking this time.  His decision…he does quit for a while when he gets really sick like this…I can only imagine how his lungs look when they do x-rays or CAT scans…or whatever kind of images they take these days to get a good look at your insides.

I’ll be supportive of my friend should he decide he’s really going to quit smoking because that’s what good friends that don’t smoke do for their smoking friends!

There’s a new weight loss program at the office.  It starts tomorrow. February 1st.  Everyone has a team…I don’t have a team, seems that while my lunch buddy and I were gone to lunch the day the memo came out on the program, everyone gathered up teams and didn’t even give my lunch buddy and I a second thought.  This kind of hurt my feelings for both my lunch buddy and myself…but looking at the positive side of it.  I can do the deal on my own and not have the pressure of three other people weighing on me and wondering if they’re going to stick to it.

The co-worker-from-hell who lost a good 30-lbs. in the last weight loss push is on another team…she doesn’t need to loose any weight but she thinks she does.  Nothing like starving yourself and smoking to keep the pounds rolling off.  She looks like death walking but I think she likes that look.  Amazing how we’re the same age and you’d think she was, at least 10-years older than I am!!

Nevertheless, a new weight less effort to face come tomorrow morning.  I’m going to get myself all situated and see what I can do…so far, for the month of January, I’ve done little to no training for the end-of-April half-marathon or 5k.  What’s up with that?  Where’s the dedication and ambition to succeed. Honestly, it’s still all in my head.

The weather has made entertaining some friends impossible this past week…which has me kind of down and out.  I’m hoping that the next couple of weeks will see all the crap melting and a couple of nights of nastiness to take the edge off.

I did get some really sad news this week.  My limp-dicked old guy called me and told me about his Christmas Eve heart fiasco…seems my limp-dicked old guy has a defibrillator/pacemaker combo to keep his heart nice and tidy.  It went haywire Christmas Eve night and started shocking the shit out of him…he went to the hospital and two-weeks later they had him stabilized and regulated enough to go home.  Here’s the sad part, his doctor told him that he only has use of 20% of his heart.  He is to have absolutely NO SEX!  If his heart fluctuates a tiny bit, he will die.  He was so sad telling me how he was not to eat pussy or lay there while he had his limp-dick sucked…no sexual stimulation whatsoever.

I tried to comfort him.  I told him we would still e-mail and talk.  I told him I would consider letting him take me out to dinner if he thought he could refrain from wanting to come over to my house for some touchy-feely stuff…he said he would like to take me to dinner, but no more get naked and have nasty fun time for my limp-dicked old guy.  I felt bad for him but, looking at the risks that would be involved, I can just see him having an episode on my bed and having to call 911.  I will miss this old guy, but that’s the way it goes.  How would you feel if the doctor told you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY or you will die????

I’ve had a few days of exploring various sides of my sexual interests.  I would have loved to have enjoyed a friend or two over the last couple of days, but schedules, weather and ability to get around in the snow just have prevented all but one encounter from happening.  I could have ventured out and had every intention of doing so yesterday late afternoon, but the potential friend didn’t really seem all that enthusiastic about me coming to him at his hotel, so, I left it alone.  Who knows if we’ll be able to schedule a get together…schedules have a way of getting in the way…not to mention, if the guy takes matters into his own hands, performing a masturbatory act after our steamy e-mail/chatting exchange, it definitely takes the interest level down, even eliminating the desire to meet in person and act out the sexual activities discussed.  Such is life in the world of sex!!

This is the last day of the first day of the new year 2010…January 31st.  Tomorrow begins the second month of the new year 2010…the first day of the second month…time moves on…time for another cup of coffee and see what the day and week ahead has to offer!!

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