How Would You Respond?

I find it amusing the way guys here on a sex site try to communicate with a woman on the same sex site. I guess I should say, I find it amusing and curious as to the e-mails I receive. This morning’s example:
RE: 1st time
you look like you would be a lot of fun

Okay, so looking at my profile (note: I say looking because I doubt seriously this guy has read my profile), looking at my pics, I look like I’m a lot of fun?

What kind of fun do I look like?

If this is your first time here on an adult sex site or sending a note, that would mean what to me? Does this mean you’re somewhat “virginal” in your explorations and are hoping I’ll be gentle?

How should I respond to this kind of e-mail? I can be somewhat of a bitch (okay, I can be a major bitch!!! ) But come on, give me something to work with here…

How would you respond to such an e-mail?

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