It’s Still There…

I took my little dogs out a while ago and guess what? The damned ice and snow are still there!!!! I got my new snow shovel out that my oldest son picked up for me at Christmas time. I made a path for the doggies to a patch of yard a bit of a distance to allow them to have potty privileges…the stuff is starting to melt, slowly, very slowly and surely. The thing about all this crap is that there is ice underneath all that snow!!! I hit several ugly patches of ice, which made shoveling the snow a pain.

I think I can get the car out of the garage without having to shovel the whole driveway like I did at Christmas time…I’m thinking more with my pussy than my brain as I had a brief chat with a potential new friend that is staying in one of my favorite…okay, no, it is MY FAVORITE hotel while here in Tulsa. The mental vision of getting all dolled up, even putting on a pair of my sexy, strappy sandals (totally unrealistic in this stuff!) and heading down to that hotel. Nothing hotter to me than living out my biggest and hottest fantasy in THAT hotel. The location has me fired up, the pussy hot and wet…the thought of fucking that man all over that room, well, that’s just one of those incredibly hot fantasies I can never do enough!!!

I’m starting to feel trapped just thinking of how bad I want to go and meet this new friend at his hotel room!!!! Crazy, huh?

I’m a gal that does believe in realizing her fantasies…one fantasy down this week (see The Spanking Ad… )yes, this fantasy came into fruition earlier this week…and now, the hotel fantasy…I’ve got some strong sexual urges, wonder how many more fantasies I’m going to have to bring into fruition before this wave of sexual lust passes?

Yes, the ice and snow are still out there…melt damn it, melt!!!!

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