Icy Friday!!

Well, not really sure what to think, other than I’ll need to get around here in a little bit and head to work.  Yes, there is ice on the trees and some places on the patio and driveway, but it actually feels warmer outside than it did last night.

So, no snow day for this ol’gal!!  I’ll be headed into the office in about an hour and a half.  I may be the only secretary there but I did it back in 2007, I can do it again.

I will leave work early…no sense in staying all day if no one else is there.  The attorneys and paralegals can all work from home by remote…support staff has no access to the network away from the office.

I feel like I’m coming down with another cold…head is stuffy and I’m just tired.  I’m sure all my trips to the VA Hospital to see my friend and get him home probably had me catching another bug…I’m on top of it…hopefully, a restful weekend and I’ll be good as new come Monday…which will be the start of a new month!!!

Catch’ya on the flip side of Friday!!

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