Thursday…The Storm Approaches…

There’s a cold front full of sleet, ice and snow headed in our direction. It was supposed to be drizzling when I got up this morning but looks like the system slowed down even more over night because the skies are perfectly clear here in Tulsa at ten minutes until 7:00 a.m.

I am as ready for this storm as I can be. While I don’t have a generator, I do have little propane heaters that should get me through a few days should I loose power…I’m hoping with all the tree trimmings that went on this summer and fall that problem was somewhat relieved…if the power lines get too much ice hanging on them, they will break…I’m hopeful that we’ll get more snow than ice.

The wind has been increasing over night, more out of the north than out of the south like it was yesterday. I canceled my session with dear subbie that was last night so I could get my grocery shopping complete. I didn’t realize how tired I was until this morning…I’m almost looking forward to things getting bad so I can take tomorrow off…though I will more than likely be the only secretary in the office since I live within 6-miles from downtown.

Time to head to the shower…stay safe and warm!!!

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