Wow Wednesday…

I’m actually not in full-blown panic mode over the impending winter weather. At least, not yet. I’m making a list of grocery items that I want to have on hand…I would like to get some rock salt, but not necessary since I won’t be going out and don’t expect anyone to be coming over.

I’m hoping, I really am hoping that we get very little ice. I could possibly manage the snow, but again, I’m not going to be going anywhere in the next couple of days except to work and back. I will go see my friend in the Muskogee VA again this evening but then, I won’t be going back unless the roads are clear between here and there.

I’m hoping we get a full work week in…this is saying that Thursday into Friday doesn’t get as bad as the weather-folks are predicting.

Lots of drama at the office…one of the gals that sits on the other side of my immediate group was out with a so-called sinus infection last Friday. She was out again on Monday and yesterday. Finally, my cube-mate got a hold of the gal’s sister, as my cube-mate was receiving random text messages from the gal in our group, something about blood work yesterday morning and then being admitted into the hospital yesterday afternoon. Well, to make a long-story short, the gal that’s been absent has a tubal pregnancy and was to have surgery last night or first thing this morning. It hadn’t ruptured but she was in a lot of pain. I feel bad for the gal but then again, we all make choices…this gal just has a way of making some questionable choices…they are hers to make, but nevertheless, the rest of us have to pick up the slack, yet again!!! Yes, my group has been through this before…funny thing is, I wanted that desk before I took the one I have and the two attorneys and paralegal that this particular desk serves are now faced with this 2nd secretary in 3-years.

The gal that’s to have the surgery is currently with her youngest baby’s daddy. The gal is 32, the baby’s daddy is 23. The gal is white, the daddy is black…they were currently living together at his mother’s place. I think I’m more appalled at the fact that she got pregnant again by this kid…supposedly she was on birth control pills, which might account for the tubal pregnancy. Anyway, that’s the latest office drama. Should be interesting to see what transpires over the next week or so…the gal has little to no vacation/sick days left so she will be out without a pay-check if she has to be gone for more than a couple of days.

I’m waiting to see if my federal tax refund gets deposited in my checking account like I signed up for when I filed the tax return the week of the 19th.

Time to get moving along, get my shower and get my work day underway…have a great Wednesday. Today really is the quiet before the winter storm!!!

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