Tuesday Rolls Around…

Wow, did Tuesday ever come around too quickly!!! I guess I let my friend in the hospital upset me more than I realized. I can barely get around this morning…I’m trying, though. Not going to use any of my short-term-absence or vacation time just because I can’t get my ass around this morning.

I know coupled with how busy I was at the office, I had quite a day yesterday!! I forgot that I had to make a mad dash down to the courthouse to take a check to the courthouse runner because I had forgotten there was a $50 fee for filing a Motion for Summary Judgment in state court!! Especially, when you’re doing the Motion for Summary Judgment for attorneys in the Oklahoma City office. I want my attorneys to always look the best to the other attorneys in the office…one day, they just might grow-up and be big shareholder attorneys!!! Right now, two of the three attorneys I work for are associate attorneys. I do work for one shareholder attorney but he’s never in the office and basically, his name is in the title of the law firm, so that makes him one of THE shareholder attorneys. I’ve learned over the last couple of years, due to my virtual attorney’s expertise in tax and accounting law, he’s one of the main reasons the firm is so solvent. Always good for a big law firm to be solvent, especially in light of the current economy!!!

Okay, so, what am I gonna wear to work today? Talk about a frightening dilema…deciding on what to wear while running so far behind!!!

I’m trying to get emotionally prepared for the predicted winter weather we’re supposed to have later this week. Last night when I went to bed, the predictions were for Wednesday into Thursday there would be a layer of ice before the snow started blowing in…

This morning, the predictions have moved the storm to hitting Oklahoma Thursday into Friday. In all honesty, I would rather the storm come on in Thursday into Friday or even Friday into Saturday so that we can get it all over with and out of here before starting a new work week on Monday, as well as a new month of this new year!!!

Oh, the talk all over the damned TV is about the freaking State of The Union Address by the current President. You know what??? The State of The Union is pathetic!!! I had to turn the channel to something other than Letterman last night because some goofy-assed, dike chic was going on and on about all the wonderful things this current President has done, all the incredible legislative accomplishments this President has done in the past year…you know what????? I didn’t vote for this guy, still wouldn’t vote for this guy and just as soon I never hear his voice again!!! I can’t stand the sound of the man’s voice, I can’t stand to hear this man or his wife talk…I consider this man and his wife, posers!!!! They are simply posing as far as I’m concerned!!! Okay, that’s enough ranting…the chic last night on Letterman was so far Left I thought I was literally going to go throw-up!!! I am really tempted to send a hate note to CBS/Letterman stating that was the most disgusting display of whatever you want to call it…I’ve gotten to where I can’t stand to even hear Letterman’s voice any more much less watch his show since he campaigned so hard for the current President!! Kind of said when I would rather watch one of the goofy reality shows on BRAVO than listen to anything and anyone on The David Letterman show!!!

Time to hit the shower and try to make sense of the work day.

Have a great Tuesday!!!

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