Monday, Monday…

And here we are at another Monday…the last Monday in January. I like the fact that the month of January, which is also the dead of winter in my mind, is just about over. Not that winter is just about over…oh no, even in Oklahoma we have bitter, winter, weather until the end of March…I am NOT a winter person!!

I got a good night’s sleep, which means I think I’m fully recovered from my all night of naughty, nasty fun. Since I don’t drink, there was no hang-over to deal with yesterday morning. I am still having a good chuckle how we stayed up until 3:00 a.m. and really later with that last fuck before falling to sleep for a few hours before getting up and around yesterday morning!! Yep, I’m pretty relieved I wasn’t having to deal with a hang-over on the drive back to Tulsa!!

Time to brace for the day…I’m hoping to enjoy a couple of my naughty, nasty friends this week…dear subbie would be one of them…though I’m hoping my son’s work schedule doesn’t become a problem. It’s difficult to schedule get togethers with his duty schedule but there’s only been a couple of times in the last six months that that has become a problem…

Time to head to the shower, have a great Monday!!

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