Just Taking It In…

What can I say…one of my good friends was put in the hospital in ICU late this afternoon. Talk about a reality check!!! I think he’s going to be all right, something about a “heart event”…not sure what in the world that means, but basically, the poor guy has pneumonia and something serious happened to with his heart…well, serious but not serious…serious enough they want to monitor him for a couple of days, run tests and such.

Wouldn’t be so bad if he was in a Tulsa hospital but he’s in the VA Hospital in Muskogee, so I had to make a road trip this evening to check on him and see for myself how he’s doing and what’s going on. He was glad I came to see him…I was glad I could see for myself that he is going to be all right. His color was good and though he’s still breathing with a terrible gurgling sound due to the pneumatic fluid on his lungs, he was already talking about “breaking out” around Wednesday.

I informed him that that would be right before the big wave of winter weather that is being predicted by the Tulsa weather forecasters…Thursday Oklahoma is supposed to turn into an icy, snowy disaster. I’m already trying not to panic…gotta be prepared and ready…the snow I can possibly handle, but the ice, well, I’m still suffering from post-traumatic syndrom from the Ice Storm of 2007!!

I’m trying to wind down and head to bed…what a busy day and then the alarming news about my friend!!!

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