Sunday Report And Party Report (1-24-10)…

Yes, I made it home from the Naughty, Nasty Birthday Bash in OKC. I had a FANTASTIC time…yes, I got naughty and nasty, as did all my wonderful friends in attendance.

A couple of the other gals and I treated the birthday boy to chocolate cake…actually, the birthday boy WAS the chocolate cake. We had the birthday boy lay on the red latex sheet we spread on the floor in the living room and then took a couple of slices of the Chocolate-Fudge delight, smearing it all over the birthday boy’s nipples, cock and balls. Then the three of us gals got down and licked and sucked all the chocolate cake and icing we could off of the receptive birthday boy!!! It was a crazy, fun deal…and the birthday boy got a major hard-on being licked and sucked by three fabulous ladies!!!

My gal pal from Texas actually got to the party early this time around…before 8:00 p.m. Needless to say, she was also the first gal to shed her clothes and get right to the nasty business at hand. She took her first “victim” back for nasty play…the other guests began arriving and bit by bit, folks got naked and got busy!!!

At one point, I had to stop what I was doing (massaging and sucking the birthday boy’s hard cock, making his body dance all over the bed we were playing on!!) and go blow up both of the blow-up beds I had brought along in case more play area was needed…obviously, it was needed!!! The birthday boy was also the host and he didn’t mind the interruption to blow-up beds, just as long as we returned to me playing with his cock…which led to birthday boy giving me a good fucking, leaving me weak in the knees!!!! Gotta love those naughty, nasty birthday bashes!!!

I did look longingly at the Cosmopolitan drinks that the hostess and one of the other gals were drinking…oh, how good it would have tasted…oh how crappy I would have felt this morning…okay, no thanks, no alcohol for this gal. I remained alcohol free and played on into the wee hours. In fact, when I started feeling really tired and decided to take one of the extra cocks I took along back to fuck him, I couldn’t believe it was already 3:00 a.m.!!!!

My friend and extra cock fucked for a while…we were both so tired, we couldn’t help but fall off of each other and curl-up for some much needed sleep!!

The next thing I knew, it was already 8:30 a.m. Time to get around, get the inflatable beds deflated and packed back up…get my gear stowed back in my car, say our good-byes and head back to Tulsa!!!

I’m trying to get around, ate a bit of lunch, did some laundry…trying to figure up bills and make a grocery list for this next week…watching the play-off games, though I’m not into the Jets vs. Colts game as much as I’m interested in the next game, Saints vs. Vikings…so, I’m thinking I better get my ass in gear and get my errands done so I can settle in to watch the game…maybe, just maybe I won’t fall asleep…

The week in reflection…it was another busy week. Work is busy, which makes the day fly by…I got an iPhone this week so I’m busy loading stuff on it, figuring out how to access Adult FriendFinder and my various e-mail accounts. I found some great games to play and signed up. I love word search games and figured out how I can play against people…it is so much fun!!!!

I can’t believe we’re heading into the last week of January…wow, the month is flying by…good, because I simply don’t like winter and January screams of winter and cold!!!

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