Rainy Saturday…

I decided to for go the yoga class this morning. I’m disappointed that my attorney fuck client didn’t get back with me, I was hoping to enjoy some cock this morning before getting around and getting ready to head to OKC at noon, but isn’t going to happen. Oh well, I can “save” myself for all the cock I’m going to get tonight.

I specifically invited two extra cocks to take with me tonight. Both are good friends and understand the swinging lifestyle and their role in it all…especially their role at a house party like this one. Both guys have played with this group before, so I’m not worried at all that there will be any problems…

The last “body count” as the hosts have shared looks to be quite a good mix of cocks and pussies…I have a feeling there will be several group gropes…it will all be just a great naughty, nasty time.

So, I’m trying to decide what I will wear tonight…already got the shoes, now I have to decide on the outfit!!! Kind of backwards but hey, this gal has a shoe fetish for sure!!!

This morning was easy to sleep in…I could hear it raining outside as I laid in the bed…it’s always so soothing to hear rain when you’re in bed…and the cloudiness kept the light in the room to a minimum just long enough.

Time for another cup of coffee and then to the closets I go!!!

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