Nothing Like Preparing For A Naughty, Nasty Party!!!

I did something I never do for myself…I went straight to the Nail Salon and Spa at the mall close to my house and got a pedicure and manicure!!! It was so relaxing and therapeutic!!! I can hardly understand the folks that run the salon so I was perfectly fine to sit there and just chill…no phone, no texting, no computer…I even went for the full hand/arm massage offered in conjunction with my pedicure…the massage pedicure chairs was awesome…I had it on full kneading mode, up and down my spine and yes, even my ass cheeks, lower back and spine…gawd, it was almost (please note I said almost) as good as the sex I’m going to realize tomorrow night!!!

Now my toe nails and finger nails are a sexy red…my hands and feet are so smooth and silky…Hell, I’m ready for bed!!!! Gotta grab a bite to eat and catch up on my mail, but for the most part, I’m ready to catch some quality ZZZZZZZs!!!

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