I’m having a difficult time getting around this morning. Couldn’t get up when the alarm went off…still trying to wake up.

I’ve had an unsettled feeling since sometime Sunday. I can’t explain it, other than it’s one of those pending doom feelings. It will pass, just always makes me feel so weird. There was a time when I would become so paranoid when I got this feeling that I could hardly function…now, I just keep a sharp eye and if something happens, it happens. Things are crazy at work with my cube-mate having to take on a full shareholder attorney. This new attorney to our firm has a large clientele…my cube-mate is busy from the time she gets to the office, until she leaves. I love it because she’s always busy, never has time to get too tangled up in personal drama and isn’t on her cell phone/office phone/internet nearly as much as she used to be.

Nevertheless, I can’t pinpoint why I have this weird feeling other than, what will happen, will happen…as I said, it will pass, I just don’t like having the feeling looming over me.

I did my federal taxes last late, using one of the “free” programs I went ahead and e-filed. It was almost too easy, so we’ll see…I didn’t file state because it isn’t “free.” The charge of doing the return is just a few dollars less than what I would be getting in a return from the state…what’s the point?

So, federal taxes are filed.

I’m supposed to have dinner with friends. My computer friend and his girlfriend. It will be one of those “restrained” evenings as the gal isn’t in the lifestyle, has no interest in the lifestyle…has no interest in kinky, naughty, nasty fun…makes me wonder what in the world we will talk about…oh yes, I remember, her kids are in one of the local marching bands at their high school. Good grief, an evening of how great her kids are doing. I remember those days…been there, done that. I can be nice and respectful but, it will be exhausting to say the least.

I’m loving watching what’s going on with the race for Ted Kennedy’s vacant Senate seat. It looks to be a very tight race…the gal that got the blessing or nod from Kennedy’s widow was supposed to be a “shoe-in” for the seat. Low and behold an opponent has come forth and is giving her a VERY close race!! Let’s just say this could be a very pivotal point in current politics, the turning of the tide so-to-speak. Let’s just say that even the President campaigning for the gal isn’t going to seal this race for her…it will be one of those races that every vote will have to be counted before it can be called…unless the upstart comes out in full force and effect and handily takes the election away from the “chosen” candidate.

I better get moving along…my morning schedule is all out of whack and I’m behind again…just can’t make up my mind what to wear to work…can’t seem to tear myself away from reading in the mornings…time to head to the shower…have a great Tuesday!

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