Just Another Monday…

No, I don’t have MLK Day off…there is no such thing as a “holiday” in the world of billable hours!!

I’m feeling 100%. The crud seems to be gone, just a little residue in the ears, which always happens when there is some kind of head congestion…but otherwise, I feel really good. Good enough, I was up before the alarm and on the treadmill for a good cardio work-out.

I’m hoping to make it to yoga class tonight. I didn’t go Saturday morning so I could rest and relax and bit more…the hardest thing about getting sick at my age is that I’ve found when I listen to my body, give in to resting, I get better faster. There was a time when I could pop over-the-counter meds and keep right on going. I simply can’t do that these days…if I get sick, I’ve found that taking a sick day or two, doing absolutely nothing but resting, sleeping, drinking lots of fluids, that’s the only way I can get better. So be it.

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to decide on a new comforter for my bed…after 3-4 hours of diligent shopping, I came home with nothing. I do have one comforter at T.J.Maxx that I liked but there was no bed-skirt with the set…finding a bed skirt is proving to be difficult. I tried several places in hopes of finding a suitable bed-skirt and nothing. No point in buying the comforter if I can’t find a bed-skirt that’s going to work with it.

I didn’t make it to Home Depot, but dear subbie sent me a link to the Behr paints site…thanks, dear subbie. I can take pictures of my bedroom, download them onto the computer and “paint” my bedroom in the colors that I select from the site and see what it will look like before actually buying and opening a single paint can!!! Pretty cool!!!

I’ve got to figure out what evenings I can devote to a couple of clients that want to session that I couldn’t session last week when I was sick…I am also preparing for Saturday night’s Naughty, Nasty Birthday Party in OKC…it will be loads of fun (pun intended)!!!

Okay, that’s the Monday run down on how I predict my day to do…time to hit the shower…have a good Monday!

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