Sunday Relfections (1-17-10)

I’m working on my second cup of coffee…listening to the various Sunday morning news programs regarding the relief efforts in Haiti. I can’t imagine the devastation and chaos that those people are enduring…each day that ticks by another crisis leads to yet another crisis and I hold to my thoughts and prayers that there will be some sense of calm and relief to come from all the help that is being sent to help.

I am feeling better each day and feel confident that I will be in tip-top health by next Saturday…ready for the Naughty, Nasty Birthday party in OKC!! The invitation list has been decided and extended, with a phenomenal response from folks. It should be a great party!! I’m looking forward to seeing my naughty, nasty friends and getting all caught-up in between naughty, nasty play times.

I’ve been giving thought to painting and redecorating my bedroom. Not an easy task at all since I have a vaulted ceiling and the one, main wall that is now covered in burgundy paint, will need to be painted. I’m not afraid of heights, so that won’t be a problem…the problem will be in making sure the new paint I buy will cover the dark color. I’m going to go with a softer green, I think the name of it is Faded Silk, a nice soft blue-green…and then an ivory white for the other walls. The current wallpaper border will come down…and I’m thinking the ceiling may even need to be painted…the walls and ceiling are all pretty dingy looking. I know it will make a big difference in the appearance of the room…much more calming and soothing…not to mention it will just look so different getting rid of the dark color in there now.

I have a new comforter picked out…I went and checked on it last night at T.J. Maxx…the problem is that it doesn’t have a king-sized bed-skirt, so I have to decide if I want to buy the comforter with the two matching pillow shams and decorative pillows and no bed-skirt and begin my search for a bed-skirt that will work with the new comforter or simply wait and find a complete set that includes the bed-skirt. This particular comforter will go with the new paint colors quite well…I hate to wait too much longer because it will be gone as it is now reduced for a second time…I’m sure I can find a suitable bed-skirt, it will just take time…

I am going to try and go to Home Depot and pick out my paint colors, maybe even buy the paint if I can calculate how much I will need. I’m just so ready for a change in my bedroom…actually, ready for a change all over the house but getting my great-aunt to agree with what I want to do to the house, well, that takes more diplomacy and patience. I am planning on putting wood floors down throughout the house, as that’s what she wants to do…I really don’t like wood floors, at least not for myself…I grew up on wood floors and just never really liked them…but, it is what people are doing these days and will definitely update and upgrade the house considerably from where it is now…I’m just so ready for some positive and upbeat change in the over-all general appearance of the house.

I will also look into picking up some vegetable seeds to begin giving thought to what I’m going to have in my garden this year. I’ve made stabs at a garden over the past couple of years, this year, I’m going to have a substantial garden…I may even start some flowers from seeds…I’m so ready for spring to get here, but know full and well, there is still plenty of winter left here in Oklahoma.

I had to postpone a couple of naughty, nasty clients this past week due to having the “crud” and not wanting to expose/infect them with the nasty, upper-respiratory crud. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my schedule to match-up and I’ll be able to enjoy a couple of nasty encounters this week…there are also a couple of new clients in the works…a prospective submissive client that will more than likely prove to be quite an undertaking…funny, but his profile here on Adult FriendFinder turned me completely off as to him being any kind of potential playmate…he sent me a note informing me that he had enjoyed my company a couple of years ago and now wants to enjoy my company again, only in a more defined and certain role of submissive to my Dominant…as I said, I’m thinking on it, it will be a lot of work, which can be quite rewarding for all involved…BDSM clients are more work, more thought process goes into the time I spend with each submissive/slave…I have to be aware of what we’re doing and where I’m taking them when I session them…some are much more difficult than others, with the extreme clients being the most work. It isn’t simply a matter of tying someone up and beating them…it has to do with where they are mentally going into the session…I definitely have to be on my game when I session the extreme clients.

Then there are the clients that are such a delight to session…dear subbie is one of my favorite submissives. Our sessions simply flow, everything falls into place and our time together flies by…I get so much sexual pleasure and rewards from dear subbie, that I sometimes wish I had 10 submissives just like him!! The reality is that there is only one or two that fill the bill like dear subbie…the rest that serve this Mistress are diverse and present different and interesting challenges.

I think I will get moving along, get around and get dressed and head out to do my errands. I am thinking of making the drive to the larger T.J. Maxx store which is in Owasso, at least 20-minutes away…if I go before noon, I will beat the church crowd and get some quality shopping done before the masses arrive…then I can hit Home Depot on my way home and see what paint samples or even actual paints I can secure for my bedroom project.

I made an attempt to do my taxes yesterday with the online “free” TurboTax deal.  I have a simple 1040-ez deal…I have no deductions or other numbers that need to be itemized…quite an uncomplicated situation.  My youngest brother helped me last year since my dad said he was no longer going to be doing anyone in the family’s taxes last year…I may as well make a stab at it and see what happens.  I got my W-2 form last Friday, so, if I file my returns today or tomorrow, I should be way ahead of the game…maybe even get a decent tax refund when it’s all said and done.  Kind of scary but kind of exciting, though it really pisses me off how much is taken out of my pay-check for Social Security and Medicare, funds I may never benefit from but folks are currently benefiting from my paying so much in…

Have a great day ahead and a great week!!!

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