Rest And Relaxing Saturday

I decided to give myself a good rest today…I made it through Thursday and Friday with this crud, though I think my staying home on Wednesday really gave my body the umph it needed to continue to fight this stuff off.  I feel pretty good, tired, head still a bit stuffy but I think with some rest and relaxation today, I’ll be able to get back into my exercise routine, as well as my yoga practice.  I may go and turn up the heat, strip off naked and do my naked yoga workout later today if I feel good enough.

I’m aching to get out and do yard work…the brown leaves covering the ground again, coupled with the melted snow just makes everything looks to drag and wintery.  I’m thinking of what all I will plant from seeds this year and start in my greenhouse before moving everything out into a full blown vegetable garden…I keep saying every year I’m going to do it, but I forget and get started late.  I would really like to be able to harvest and cook from my own garden, maybe this is the year!!!

I’ve got some interesting possibilities in the works with regard to new clients…I always find it interesting how long it takes a man to make the decision to cross-over the line of infidelity.  I never struggled with the morality of fucking other men besides my husband, just never has been a problem for me.  There are a couple of guys that want to cross-over and explore their submissive side…that’s always interesting and fun…I’m looking forward to the possibilities.

Time for another cup of coffee…

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