Looking For More??

Every now and then I receive a note like this one:

I Would like to chat. With you I would be looking for much more than a fuck. I am looking for the full experience, exploring each other mentally and building up for my blowing sex. Does that sound like something to be of interest to you ?

I go and take a look at the guy’s profile, his age, whatever else he has there…the first thought that comes to me is perhaps this is one of what I call the “canned” lines, the lines/descriptions you can get from the Adult FriendFinder profile writer/advisor deal.

I look at the distance of the guy…if you live in Michigan, Montana, New York…distance is definitely a factor…

Put is all together and basically it comes out as BULLSHIT!!!

Then I go and read my own profile…I try to think of how many ways my profile could be interpreted and basically, my profile cannot be interpreted as a request for a long-term anything with anybody…I’m simply not LTR material! Now, if you’re incredibly financially secure (i.e. rich), 50-60s-aged guy, living here in Oklahoma or Texas, you’re good in and with the swinging lifestyle, let’s talk, I could be persuaded to give up my single gal ways to embark on a LTR!!!

Am I looking for more than just a fuck? No, not if you’re 39-years-old. That’s the age of the guy that sent this note. And the guy lives in New Jersey!! So, no, I’m not looking for more than just a fuck, at least, not from you!!

Are you looking for more???

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