Finally Friday!!

Yes, it’s FRIDAY!! Day 3 of The Crud for me…though I will say, I’m feeling pretty good this morning, a little tired and dragging but my head doesn’t feel like a full, tight helmet. Oh, the stuffiness is still in my sinuses and I can feel a bit of tightness in my chest. I’m hoping that my efforts will keep this crud confined to my head and it won’t move down into my chest…that’s the usual progressive of a cold/upper respiratory deal. I got to thinking yesterday and I haven’t had a sore throat, even in the mornings when I first wake up, so that’s a good sign. I’m hoping that my OTC medications have helped keep this crud under some control…I would like to be able to break the cycle of crud that’s been going around the office! I’ve hated that I’ve had to put off some naughty, nasty adventures this week…that’s always frustrating but there’s no way I’m going to pass this crud off to one of my dear clients…just simply not something I do. As much as I enjoy having my pussy licked and fucked, I also enjoy receiving kisses…if one can’t come near the mouth and nose, what’s the point? I want to be able to suck a cock if that’s what I want to do…can’t do that when one’s head is all stuffy and congested!!! I have had a request to have my pussy licked and fucked tomorrow morning (Saturday) so, I’m going to see how I feel today and decide this afternoon…I simply won’t risk passing this nasty stuff on to one of my guys if I don’t think I’m going to feel 100%!! Things ought to be quieter at the office today…though, I think there is another brief due today…that will prove to be interesting, a little excitement!! Time to get moving along…have a great Friday!!!

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