Is It Wednesday?

I think it is Wednesday, though it’s difficult to know through the pain in my head. Oh yes, the “crud” that’s been circulating around the office has caught up with me…this morning, I can barely see straight through the stuffed head and head ache steadily growing in intensity.

I’ve taken my first dose of cold/cough medication…waiting for it to kick in to see if I can proceed to shower and head to the office. I may have to take a sick day and just stay home today…which I HATE to do, but out of respect for my co-workers, unlike most of the others in the office, I don’t want them to come down with this crud!!!

One of the attorneys I work for, has been sick with an upper respiratory/crud thing since Thanksgiving. Monday he went back to the doctor and was given, yet another antibiotic…he was running another low-grade fever…not that he gave me what I am currently suffering from but in my mind, he’s a contributor to the overall situation.

I’ve got the sinus/eye pack on my face, trying to warm things up enough to break-up some of the head congestion/headache…might be that I have to give-in to this crud and just stay home! Gawd I HATE being sick!!!

Time for another hot cup of coffee…more OTC meds…rest…liquids…must stay hydrated…

UPDATE:  I put my heated eye pack over my face and got comfy in the recliner and before I knew it, I was sound asleep.  Needless to say, I was in a bit of a panic when I woke up…I called the HR and the folks that I work directly for and let them know I wouldn’t be in…back to bed I go…nothing like a REAL sick day!!!

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