I feel like I’m coming down with the “office crud.” I HATE being sick!!! I hate being sick when I know I’ve contracted what I have from the folks at the office that brought it to the office because they refused to stay home when they were sick and contagious!!

So, what am I to do? This stuff is in the early stages…it’s an upper respiratory crud…last night into this morning, my head has become stuffy, my nose stuffy but is remaining somewhat clear…my ears are starting to get that muffled sound thing they do when there is congestion in my ears…I took a nighttime cough/cold medicine last night and have the daytime formula to take today…I really don’t feel that bad, but I certainly don’t want to infect anyone else with this crud if that’s what it is.

I have a mild congestive cough, but nothing unbearable…yet. I started medicating myself last night, Zicam nasal swabs, nighttime cough/cold medicine…this morning, more Zicam nasal swabs, daytime cough/cold medicine…hot coffee, hot Earl Gray tea with honey and lemon as the morning wears on…lunch will be chicken noodle soup…that should really help my body fight…though, I think I’ll still go to work, at least today.

I have to be careful and not let this crud over-run me, so, if I don’t feel much better later in the day or tomorrow, you can be sure I’ll be staying home. I don’t have a fever and I don’t feel that bad…I’m tired but coming around…could be the effects of the nighttime cough/cold medicine…

The really disappointing factor in even having the beginning stages of the crud is that I won’t and can’t session any of my dear clients. I was hoping to session dear subbie this week, but in light of this crud development, I simply can’t expose him to this stuff…not that I should have been exposed with my compromised immune system. The arthritis drug that I’m on has all manners of warnings about exposure to coughs, colds and flu like symptoms…everyone makes fun of me because I’m so cautious at the office…there’s a very good reason for that…if I come down with this stuff, I will get it harder and it will take longer for my body to fight it…I already have the super, duty drug in my system to fight the inflaming issues…thus, the immune system is compromised to fighting of bugs like this crud bug.

I think I’ll force myself to get around and get on into the office…I may be able to get some work done…I can always come home if I get to feeling too badly or the HR decides I’m too sick to remain at the office…best for me to get this out of the way if I’m going to succumb to it…next weekend I have big naughty, nasty birthday party plans in OKC, so if I’m going to get sick, I’d rather do it now and be well on my way to recovery for the weekend after this one!!

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday…I’m going to fight my way through my Tuesday!!! Stay healthy!!!

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