It’s Monday, Again…

I’m ready to go back to work this morning.  I’ve had way too much family interaction this weekend!!  The realization of how much my mom shielded the rest of the family from my grandmother, my dad’s mother, was VERY obvious yesterday afternoon…the realization of how lonely and mean my grandmother can be was also apparent.  It’s all about her and if she doesn’t like someone in the family, she goes out of her way to make sure everyone that will listen knows what she thinks about that person or in this case, persons.

My dad is makes matters worse because he acts like a 10-year-old…my daughter has control issues with her brother supposedly because of his wife…and then listening to my daughter this weekend, and then my grandmother yesterday afternoon, I realized how much my daughter acts and thinks along the lines of her great, grandmother…

It was all exhausting, simply exhausting, frustrating, aggravating…you name it, and I felt it!!!

So, I am glad to be heading back to work today…at least, I can leave the drama at the office every evening and come home to my quiet little world.  I’m hoping to make it to my yoga class tonight since I missed Saturday due to the baby shower.

I am glad I took Friday off to regroup and de-stress…good thing because I found myself deep in stress, though not all that tough to manage, just being around the gals from my previous life was different and crazy…makes me glad I’m where I’m at in my life these days.

The temperatures are creeping up…we’re finally above the single-digit temps.  Downright balmy temperatures are predicted today, a high of about 38 degrees.

I’ve got some naughty, nasty possibilities in the works for mid-week, we’ll see how schedules pan out…have a great Monday, time for me to hit the shower.

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