Sunday Reflections…1-10-10

Wow, already Sunday!  The second weekend in the first month of the New Year.

The beginning of the work week found me busting my ass to meet deadlines and clean-up messes/mistakes from the previous two weeks.  I also found time to clean-up my desk and get multitudes of filing done…so much so, that I decided to take a break and took last Friday off.  I had a good chuckle in that I felt a bit guilty for taking Friday off…putting myself right in there with the co-worker-from-hell in that I had not worked a full five-day work week in four weeks.  Not that I’m at all in the habit of taking 3 or 4-day work weeks…I’m very much into the 5-day work week and consider myself to have perfect attendance when it comes to my job. Taking Friday off was just taking advantage of an opportunity…with one of my attorneys out of the office Thursday and Friday, I was able to get all of my crunch work done without more being added onto it.  The reality of it all is that working through the holidays while everyone else took time off, just wore me out mentally…I needed a “mental health” day.

Now that I’ve got my new high-dollar running shoes, it’s time to return to my strict walking training.  I will be walking on the treadmill until the temps get higher than freezing and all the ice and snow have melted.  I’m too clumsy to venture forth while there is still ice and snow on the streets…my neighborhood still has quite an accumulation, more ice now than snow…which makes it tricky to really do serious walking.

I am having a good laugh over my cube-mate and the other young gal in our group that have signed on for Triathlon training offered by our firm at one of the hospital health clubs.  Of course, the two gals are expected miracles to happen in the course of 8-weeks…and the miracles could happen.  The gals will have to give up every Saturday starting this past weekend to go and train with the personal trainer in the activity they signed on for.  My cube-mate has signed on for the running training…this after she made fun of my high-dollar running shoes for my walking training.  I would love to share my revelations of how important having the right running shoe is when embarking on the training regiment that she is but she won’t listen to me…she’ll have to make her own discoveries of blisters, sore knees, shin splints and the like…I hope she is successful…I really do, but dropping 50-lbs in 8-weeks isn’t something I see her doing without serious modification of her diet.  She really thinks that the running training will take her obese body and trim it down nicely…it will give it a good start, but the reality is it has to be a whole combination deal.  Again, I hope she is successful…it will be quite an accomplishment for her to run 3-miles after 8-weeks.

I survived the baby shower I helped host yesterday.  It was drama-filled with my daughter and her friends.  I got to mix and mingle with the gals I used to be best friends with…and realized that life does change and we’ve all gone in such different directions.  I would like to think I haven’t changed that much in 10-years, but the reality is that I have.  I am happier and healthier now than I ever was during my 20-year marriage.  While they have all chosen to stay in their marriages and lives…I chose to leave.  I can still be a part of it all, which I choose and maybe that’s the funny part.  The spread of food I put out wowed and awed them, as it always does.  I haven’t lost that touch of whatever you want to call it…being a hostess with the mostest has always been there and always will be…I survived and that’s the main thing.  I came home after the hour drive, exhausted, but in a pleasant way…the reality that our daughters are now women in their own lives and way…well, that was a bit overwhelming…the “girls” are turning 30-years-old this year, the first of them, the mom-to-be’s birthday was yesterday and that was a reality check I hadn’t given thought to…it was there right in my face, my daughter will be turning 30 in June, YIKES!!!!

I enjoyed a good session with dear scrotie this past week…I’m looking forward to finding time to work in dear subbie and a couple of the other “regulars” that I see…I do enjoy introducing new clients to the realization of their sexual fantasies…I will embrace the opportunities when they present themselves…

I will begin preparing myself for the work week ahead…I’ll be able to turn my attention to preparing for the Birthday Bash for the husband of my friends in OKC for the 23rd.  The guest list is about complete…I’m looking forward to engaging in all the naughty, nasty fun we’ve got in mind.

Time for another cup of coffee, catch up on my blog reading and enjoy the day!!!

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