It’s Friday…it’s frigid…I took the day off from work.  I would love to post that I’ve got some naughty, nasty plans, but I don’t.  I’ve got to get some things rounded up and ready for a baby shower I’m hosting with my daughter tomorrow afternoon.  I consider the experience as going back into my previous life…I’ll be around the women that were once a big part of my life.  Our girls all grew up together…it will be one of those bitter-sweet get togethers as the one gal is now deceased, the first of the group to die, giving in to the diseased that racked her body, Lupus.   Her daughter is one of the hostess and the shower is being held at her father’s house, three houses down from where my daughter grew up and her father still remains.

Yes, always bitter-sweet going back to the block in the neighborhood I raised my kids.  My oldest son lives a block over from our old house…my ex-husband and youngest son got custody of the house after I divorced him.  That was 10-years ago…it’s still strange that I lived in that house and marriage for as long as I did.

So, tomorrow, will be a going back type of day…I’m not really looking forward to it all but it is important to my daughter and her friends, especially the mommy-to-be.

My cube-mate has signed on to do one leg of a triathlon at the end of February.  She’s excited because she’ll be trained by a personal trainer at St. John’s Health Plex.  For the next 8 Saturdays she will go and spend an hour or two training with this trainer…she will be running her portion of the triathlon.  I find it funny since she made fun of me yesterday morning for getting a new pair of running shoes to begin my walking training again…I used gift certificates that one of my attorneys got me for Christmas, so my out-of-pocket expense was $40.  I learned during my initial walking training that the shoes are the most important equipment of a runner/walker.  I learned the hard way as I was wearing bargain purchases for the first 4 months of my training.  I developed horrendous blisters in my right heal that took forever to heal…my knees hurt so I got knee braces to help ease all that…I continued to push through everything to discover that when I ponied up the big bucks for some fitted running shoes, my foot, shin and knee aliments went away.  Couple all that with my weight and I realized, you can’t scrimp on the cost of the running shoes.  She’ll see, using the tennis shoes she’s had for the last couple of years will do her more harm than good but she’s hard-headed and has to make these discoveries on her own.

Couple that with the fact that one of the goofiest gals on the support staff will be doing the bicycle portion…that means she’ll be coming down and chit-chatting with my cube-mate for the next 2-months.  Good grief!!!  I don’t hide that I can’t stand the gal…I simply don’t acknowledge that she exists…I went about my business as though she wasn’t standing there shooting the shit.  I’m sure glad I didn’t sign up because I couldn’t stand to be on the same team as that woman…I hope they all get what they are seeking…though I really think they have unrealistic goals…my cube-mate is convinced that she will drop 50-lbs. in 2-months.   I’m curious to see how much she will loose, though I don’t see her changing her eating habits or diet…exercise will do a great deal for someone but unless you couple it with a well rounded diet, the results will be much slower.

Time to get moving around and get some things done around the house.  Yes, thank gawd it’s Friday!

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